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day 1

On the first day we arrived at the school at 10 a.m.

The first activity was the school tour where we got to see all the rooms and classroms of the school.

After the school tour we had a copffe break where the students socialised a bit

After the coffe break there was a presentation on biology wich had the students cooporating to build the structure of DNA


After the workshop the exchange students went to have lunch while the bulgarian students had free time.

After the lunch​ everyone went on a tour of Sofia together on the tour we saw Alexander Nevski Cathedral, St. Sofia church, Russian church, ''Ivan Vazov'' National theater, National Art Gallery and the presidential office.

Once the tour was over everybody got free time.


Day 2 and 3

On day 2 and 3 we went on a trip to Sandanski and Rila monestary.

In sandanski we had a disco night and sightseeing in the morning after seeing Sandanski we went to Rila monestary where we played a game in wich we took pictures of ourselves and found out historical information about the monestary such as its founders name.


Day 4

On day 4 we got back to the bulgarian school.

The day began at 9 a.m. and the first class was about Dyslexia and how it affects people who have it.We had a some presentations and games about the  topic and it was fun.


After the Dyslexia presentation we started working on these portfolios after wich the guest students had lunch and the bulgarian students had free time.

When we came back from lunch  we had a class about evryone percepting reality difrently in this class we built windmills out of  paper,wood sticks and a piece of cork.It was dificult because we did not have the right materials, the point of the windmills was to demonstrate how it is hard for disabled people to to do simple things


Once the windmill workshop was done everyone went home

Day 5

Today the day allso started at 9 a.m.

The first class was about including all students in the class and finding a difference betwen simpathy and empathy there was a short video about it and a short discussion.

After the inclusion class there was a class about Polish culture.

The rest has not happened yet so we can not write about it.

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